Can Music Therapy Bring Stress Relief

We’re told that in the western world today the majority of people suffer from some degree of stress or other. If this is so, no wonder finding solutions to stress is a growth industry. Thankfully, many of these solutions are highly effective, and none more so than music therapy. Stress relief in both adults and children – even in some pets! – has been greatly enhanced by music therapy.

The beneficial effects of music therapy go way back in folklore and beyond. It’s mentioned in Greek myths, and even in the Bible (when David plays his harp to soothe his troubled king).

Some Facts About Music Therapy

Broadly, music therapy falls into two categories: playing music and listening to music. The latter involves listening to music in order to relieve panic, anxiety or stress – and to help the listeners regain control of their lives.

This is often coupled with meditation, and the listener is encouraged to also use correct breathing techniques and guided imagery. We now know that music affects the deeper reaches of the brain and can radically change hormonal imbalances, thereby promoting healthier moods.

How Does Music Have This Effect?

In the months before birth, a baby is surrounded by warmth and security in the mother’s womb. The most reassuring sound is the mother’s heart beat. Medical experts now claim that when we’re in a relaxed state the regular beat or rhythm of music rekindles feelings first experienced before birth.

Slow music with a soft, regular beat can take us back to this time when we had no worries about work, bills and complex relationships. The music can help us to retreat mentally from these everyday concerns as we bask in the soothing and enveloping sounds!

However, selecting music for therapy – for self or others – can be quite tricky. Instead of promoting stress relief, the wrong kind of music can cause stress. And just because you have a favorite style doesn’t mean it will work for this! For the profound relaxation and stress relief we’re talking about you must select more carefully. (Some people even listen to so-called ‘relaxing music’ they can’t stand – and it does anything but relax them)

Fortunately, professional music therapists can guide us here. They recommend music that has a rhythm of less than 72 beats per minute – that’s slower than the heart beat. If the music goes in cycles or repeating segments, so much the better.

Some of the most effective genres of music are known to be:

* Classical themes

* Celtic rhythms

* Native American

* New Age

As already mentioned, you must bear in mind that different types of music can have different effects:

When you’re lonely and blue, steer clear of weepy country songs!

If you’re stressed and your brain is over-active, hard rock could be the last thing you need. On the other hand, if you’ve had a particularly boring day at the office, heavy metal could be the best music therapy for you – provided you like it, of course!

When you’re facing a challenge and no one else can help, putting on your favorites from the ‘old days’ of your youth can have a very encouraging effect.

Listening to the music of nature – a babbling brook, birds singing or leaves whispering in the breeze – is a great way to induce a stress-relieving relaxed state. And instrumental music like flutes coupled with bass drums can work wonders.

How To Make The Most Of Music Therapy

Try these tips for great music therapy time-out:

* Set aside a minimum of 20 minutes in a place where you won’t be bothered by others

* Sit or lie in a restful state

* Or you may prefer to walk in a restful, quiet environment while listening to your iPod or CD player. This can also combine regular, deep breathing and exercise

* Remember to choose music that suits your particular requirements; you may like to consider music with guided meditations on themes such as self-motivation, stress relief, decision making

* Daily sessions are best, but if this not possible do them as often as you can

Better health, improved relationships, enhanced moods, stress relief: these are only some of the benefits of music therapy. Just watch you don’t become addicted!

5 Reasons You Should Download Music Online

Are you still out there buying CD’s at your local record store ? Disgruntled that you must endure heavy traffic and ever growing mall crowds only to find out the store is out of stock for the CD or album you wanted to purchase ? If that’s you, then keep reading, there are many reasons why you may want to trade in that CD for some more portable type of music.

1. Availability – There are hundreds of music genres available for download online. Some are free, some charge nominal fees for each download. No matter which you choose though, you will have no problem finding the type of music you like to listen to. From hard rock and heavy metal to country and easy listening, you can find it on the web.

2. Portability – Download your favorite songs onto your MP3 player and you can take the music anywhere. To the beach, to the store, everywhere you go, you’ll have all your favorite music with you at the touch of button, just remember the batteries ! The majority of MP3 players offer many ways to listen to music, many have “docks” that you can plugin to making the music available for everyone to listen to, or just use your head set and keep it all personal. You can also play the MP3 files through your computer as well.

3. Affordability – How many times have you purchased a CD for $14.95 only to discover you only liked one or two songs off the entire album ? You’ll never have to waste that money again. Downloading MP3 music online is very affordable. Some sites offer free downloads, and others will charge a small fee for each song, but either way it’s far more affordable than purchasing an entire CD to get one song.

4. Cutting Edge Technology – As more and more people own MP3 players and IPods, more and more artists are using these media types to “pre release” their music, giving sneak peaks at upcoming albums and singles via the internet. You can always get the newest and best music no matter what genre of music it is you listen to and prefer.

4. Manageability – Organizing and keeping track of a large music collection can be a daunting task. Especially when your music collection takes up half a wall in your living room ! With MP3 files, it’s much simpler to keep records of your music and they take up far less space than conventional CDs, cassette tapes, or even vinyl albums.

Take the plunge…start your MP3 music collection today !

networks Services Make Your Business Grow Faster

Network services are good to use and for big organizations and companies’ IT support is very necessary and without networks people can’t live their lives and cannot complete their daily tasks. Networks are basically used for communication purpose whether it is in a building or it is across the countries. Networks services make easier to communicate anywhere you want in this whole world. You don’t need to move here and there for small conversations. You can communicate with your business colleges and clients by just talking via networks and internet. You don’t need to waste your time in moving from place to place this will be time consuming and money spending. Therefore the intelligent will not waste their time they will use networks and go for network implementation. But the network implementation can be done only by the person who is experienced in this field and have done some degree or diploma from some certified institution. The person is that much intelligent as he has all the knowledge regarding network implementation and will provide you the best Network Solutions.

A best network solution provider is the person who will provide you services all day long 24X7 and will take care of all your IT Consulting like internet access, password protection, antivirus protection, firewall protection, hardware and software protection. All these things come under network monitoring. If the person is not highly qualified regarding networks then he is unable to handle all your problems. If you are a small company with low budget then you can outsource your network services to the companies who take the project of various small companies and provide you network services in combination. They will just charge you a minimum fee of network implementation and the tools and equipments used in the implementation process.

So many companies also go for Business Software development to improve the business operations and make the business unique and specific. There are various Custom Software present in the market but you need the specific one for your business as you business is not like other and you need to add more features so that it will become easier for the clients to communicate with your business and they are willing to deal with you. Business application will also help in making your business faster and efficient. By using networks and business software you can touch the peeks of success and become a reputed business in the market.

Juvederm Gives Young Looking Face

A face is sensitive area of a body. The products applied over it must be good in brand and usage as any reaction can spoil the beauty. With Juvederm, you get a product that really works miracle in clearing wrinkles across the face. It gives youthful appearance to person. It does require injections to preserve and obtain that change to your skin, but the results are always so dramatic and beneficial. So many have been very satisfied with the benefits and continue to be regular customers of the product. They let their faces express the improvement they’ve had from using this product. From their smile to other lines on the face it has been like being blessed with a whole new and more youthful face. Once you’ve seen some before and after pictures of real clients who used the product you will be able to easily tell it is well worth the money spent on the treatments.

The Juvederm can be used to focus given areas with specific problems. It is the one you are most wishing to change. The injections can be done to help with that problem more than any other. This is one of the great values of this treatment system. You can talk with your doctor to avail tailor-made treatments for face care needs.

Everyone skin varies, so depending upon the skin type these products can be availed to best fit your personal requirements. The Juvederm can do better than others. Those who have used Juvederm can testify how it has worked as great changes from the treatments have been received. This provides a chance to restore your skin’s natural contours and help get rid of wrinkles without a great deal of problems. The injections will truly help with all those issues.

Juvederm is just everything you could expect from a skin treatment process. It is great for all those problems you can experience from aging. The positive effect provides users to continue with it. A person who finds better results and have no side-effects will never switch over as such treatments are rarely found. These wrinkle-free treatments and gel makes a person look young and fresh.

Maria Adli writes articles for AMAMeds, a duly licensed pharmacy in the provinceof British Columbia, Canada. If you want more information about Buy Hyalgan or Buy Orthovisc please visit

Downloadable Music And What Your Options Are

Music is undoubtedly a part of everyones lifestyle. That is why the internet is brimming with websites that offer downloadable music, either for free or with a very minimal charge. Downloadable music usually requires you to download corresponding software where the music will be saved. There are thousands of websites today that offer downloadable music and choosing just one site can be daunting task for you. Here is a brief guide on how to find good downloadable music over the internet.

Downloading tips

BBC has compiled some downloading tips to help you find the best music online:

Research: Before you start clicking away, be sure to do your research and look for the website that provides the most convenient and easy to download software service for your music needs. Make sure that the website also has an extensive music collection so you are kept 100% satisfied.

Compatibility: Make sure that your software supports your mp3 player, so you can easily transfer your music from your computer to your hardware.

Listen first: If you are looking to download music at sites that require you to pay, make sure you check the song quality before buying. Most websites offer a clip sample of the song that allows you to hear short portions of it. Listen to it to check if the quality is good.

Great connection: It is always advisable to have good internet connection for faster downloads, especially a cable or DSL. If not, you might be spending valuable internet hours on just one song.

Check the indie scene: You can discover great music with lots of unsigned artists. Browse the internet for new artists and listen to their song samples.

Music sites

Here are some of the websites and software that offer both free and paid music:

Apple iTunes: Ever since the iPod family became a worldwide hit, iTunes was carried away with all the excitement. What is great about iTunes is that it is a music player that also allows you to download music at a very minimal cost. But iTunes is both a marvel and a frustration at the same time. They have the widest range of music, covering almost all genres, but iTunes is not exactly compatible with all systems. You can purchase a song for just $0.99 each.

Napster: This is considered a pioneer when it comes to offering downloadable music. Napster has constantly and consistently redefined itself for its clients. Napster, which used to offer free music, has now transformed to offer paid music instead. Like iTunes, Napster allows you to purchase tracks for just $0.99 each. More interestingly, though, is that you can also subscribe to its monthly service that allows you to download unlimited tracks to your computer for just $9.95 a month.

Music Match: Like iTunes, Music Match is also a music player that allows you to purchase tracks online. Rates are similar, but Music Match still does not have an exhaustive library as it only has around 800,000 tracks. The Music Match music player can be a bit confusing at the start, but once you get the hang of it it will be smooth sailing. You can also share play lists with other members.

Cat5 – An Ideal Choice for Network Cabling

Cat5 – An Ideal Choice for Network Cabling is the backbone of any network. Proper designing and installation of cabling is required to meet the communication requirements. Most of the network problems are the result of data cabling issues. The cabling work must be assigned to a skilled and experienced professional.

Today’s telecommunication infrastructure provides flexibility for all the users to use any kind of data including audio, video and pictures. The network infrastructure must be compatible with present and future applications. High-performance cabling standard, Category 5 (Cat5), is the best choice for such cabling designs and installations.

What is Cat5 cabling?

Cat5 specifications were defined by the Telecommunications Industry Association for building commercial telecommunications. Cat5 is the fifth generation of twisted pair Ethernet technology. Cat5 is an Ethernet network cable suitable for voice and data communication. It provides networking at a Fast Ethernet speed (up to 100 MHz). Cat5 cabling can work over a distance of 100 cm (328 feet). It can be extended further by using hardware such as, a switch or repeater if necessary.

Types of Cat5 cable
Cat5 cable comes in two varieties:

SCTP: SCTP stands for Screened Twisted Pair. It is commonly used in Europe. It shields the wires from electrical interference. As compared to UTP, it supports the transmission for longer distance.

UTP: UTP stands for Unshielded Twisted Pair. It is commonly used in the USA.

Pinout Designs of Cat5 Cable
The three different wiring alternatives for cat5 cable connection are as follows:

Straight through: It is the cable that runs from a computer to a switch.
Crossover cable: It is used to connect two switches or computers.
Roll-over: It connects a computer to a router.

Enhanced Cat5 (Cat5e or Cat 5e) cable
Cat5e is an enhanced version of Cat5. It supports networking at a higher speed. It is backward-compatible with the older version Cat5. This means that the network infrastructure with Cat5 cable can be extended with Cat5e cable. Cat 5e reduces the interference between wires within the cable.

Cat 5/5e is the most suitable cable for network applications for home, small business or local area network (LAN). These Ethernet cables support high speeds and are easily affordable. They are ideal for the following applications:

Voice networks
Token ring networks

There are several organizations that provide the networking services. Be careful in hiring them as their skills will define the communication over your network. Ask them about their plan for executing the project. Confirm that structured Cat 5 cabling is used for both voice and data networks.

The Music Industry Revolution – Goodbye Bricks And Morter

Mp3 downloads are responsible for probably the biggest change in music buying habits since the invention of vinyl. Whether it will be good or bad for the industry is a matter of some dispute, but it has happened, and a period of adjustment is inevitable whilst the old guard find their feet. Into this turbulent market have entered a number of established brands but also some new brands offering digital music services. The new brands are very much internet based with no High Street footprint. These new Internet based companies are poised to take on the big boys in the brave new world of digital music.

With a philosophy of community spirit and openness, these new brands are trying to connect with consumers in a way that the established major players have not yet managed. This direct connection is crucial, both to consumer and retailer, and this has not changed since the days of physical record purchases. What has changed, however, is the amount of choice available to mp3 purchasers. This is best explained by the theory of: The Long Tail, first theorised by Chris Anderson; to paraphrase, the internet is about selling small amounts of many goods, rather than large amounts of a few goods.

To help customers through this huge amount of independent and often undiscovered content, the new digital music brands are creating a true community network. In conjunction with many well known experts and major players of the industry the philosophy is about getting the consumer involved like never before. Along with handwritten editorial content from some well known music legends, they are planning download-only mp3 albums created by renowned experts and cutting edge tastemakers. This will help guide people through the huge array of music on offer. Personal recommendations from the music industries finest, available at music lovers fingertips will be a massive draw for the new digital Megastore.

Selling to the Long Tail or niche market is where these companies really comes into their own. With a large collection of back catalogue mp3s, some unavailable anywhere else, and Indie labels clamouring to join the online portals, there is music from Every Genre for Every Generation.

A big difference between the online and physical music worlds is the ease with which it is possible to obtain illegal goods. This, as with so much else on the internet, has probably as much to do with the corporate worlds unwillingness to truly embrace the technology as it does with users willingness to thieve. The easy availability of illegal downloads can be turned to the industries advantage, and that is another thing the new breed of digital brands are successfully policing. Where possible the music from these download stores is offered in non-DRM high quality mp3 format, the industry believes that consumers do not like to be treated as criminals from the start. High quality mp3s are worth paying for, and many believe that this will be enough to stem the tide of illegal downloads. Music will also be offered in DRM-enabled WMA format to appeal to the Major labels, as this is a business necessity.

Aiming to mix both massive choice with personal recommendations, the new brands have a mission to bring the experience of the small high street record shop back into the forefront of consumers minds, and maybe bring back the love of hearing and discovering new music all over again.

3 Secrets To Understanding What Music Is Made Of

It’s no secret that virtually everyone loves music in some form or other. After all, it is the universal language, and we all participate in it to some degree from the cradle to the grave. It starts with our Mothers’ lullaby, ends with our funeral song, with a zillion other stops along the way.

But what is music, anyway? What makes it tick? We all love some form of it and dislike other forms of it.

The country-western fan may not like jazz, but he or she sure loves the sound of pickin’ & grinnin’. And the jazz fan feels just the opposite.

And that’s as it should be. If we all liked the same kind of music, there just wouldn’t be the variety that is available to us now. We can choose from musical styles ranging from heavy classical and opera to rock to children’s songs to Broadway musicals to gospel music to the blues.

Each has its place, and each seems on the surface to be drastically different than another form of music. The key word is on the surface.” But beneath the surface of all music is a commonality that is organic to all forms and styles of music.

So what does all music have in common?

At least 3 things sometimes more, but never less:


The melody is the part of a song or composition that you whistle or hum in other words, the tune of the song. In one sense, it is the most visible of the 3 elements, because melody is what identifies a song. Without melody, it would be difficult to even conceive of a song or piece.

In musical notation, the melody is almost always written in the treble clef also known as the treble staff. It consists of a horizontal line of notes that move up and down on the clef as the tune moves higher or lower.

Rhythm is the beat the swing the throb of the music. It happens in repeating patterns, depending upon the type of music. It is like a horizontal line of beats which occur at regular or semi-regular intervals. A waltz, for example, basically consists of a heavy beat followed by two lighter beats. So we say that a waltz is in triple meter one strong beat followed by two weak beats, then repeated.

A march, on the other hand, generally consists of a heavy beat followed by a light beat, then another heavy beat followed by another light beat. (I’m simplifying, of course there are many varieties…) So a march is in duple meter as you might expect since we have two feet and we march in left-right-left-right patterns.

All rhythms are some combination of triple meter and/or duple meter, and the possibilities are endless from boogie to R&B to mambos and sambas and bossa novas and….on and on.

Harmony, the 3rd aspect of music, is the musical background of a song the chords, or intervals behind” the melody. Without harmony, a song sounds empty like a vocalist singing without an accompanist or accapella. Music doesn’t HAVE to have harmony to function, but in actual practice it almost always does, even if it is just the interplay of two melodies, as in counterpoint.

You could spend a lifetime learning all the nuances of music, but it its most basic form, it is these 3 elements combined together; melody, rhythm, and harmony.

4 Tips To Pick An Unlimited Music Downloads Site

Anyone can now head over to an online music service for unlimited music downloads. Owners of iPods, Zunes and other MP3 players are finding it really easy to get music to feed their devices. The beauty of music sites is that it allows you to download songs, soundtracks and music regardless of where you are as long as your computer is connected to the internet.

Free download sites are not the best places to download music online simply because there are many problems associated with the files. Either you are getting corrupted files that your MP3 player like iPod or Zune cannot read or you are pulling viruses and adware onto your PC.

Ok, we are going to discuss about the genuine membership sites that offer you unlimited music downloads. These are the sites that give you complete, unedited full versions of songs, music and soundtracks. You would find the following 4 tips useful in finding the best music site.

1. Price of Lifetime Membership

Many sites nowadays charge you a flat lifetime fee to download music online. Make sure you do not need to pay per download or monthly for these sites. There are competitors that offer unlimited music downloads for less than $40. So do not be conned into paying more.

2. Types of Media Files Available

While you are looking for music MP3s and soundtracks, you would be greeted pleasantly by sites that offer you other media files, even MP4. The better-run download sites now also offer you movies, videos, TV shows like LOST, HEROES and others. You can even find wallpaper and software that comes complete with your membership package without extra charges.

3. Music Genres

Everyone has his or her preference when it comes to different kinds of music. You may want to check out each service to see if they offer you the music genre you are looking for. Chances are if they provide unlimited music downloads, you can get multi-genre selections such as pop, jazz, rap, hip hop, rock and more.

4. Well-Rounded Service

On top of what was mentioned above, you do want to know if the service is setup professionally. By that, it means that their customer and technical support must be competent and available when you need it ie 24/7 if possible. They also need to provide clear step-by-step instructions on how to download music online as well as incorporate high speed downloads.

What is a Network Adapter

In order for a computer to connect to a network, a component know as a network interface card (NIC) is required to provide the physical connection to the local network media. Although there used to be quite a number of local area network media types and data link layer systems, we are down to just a handful today. The most common of these are an Ethernet network using Unshielded Twisted Pair Cable as the connection medium and Wireless LANS (WLANS) which transmit radio signals in the microwave range of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Computers normally have some form of expansion card containing the network interface controllers that are plugged into one of a number of different types of computer bus. Most desktop computers to date had a network card that fitted into a PCI slot. PCI stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect and was originally developed my Intel, but is now a standard used by almost all manufacturers that produce peripheral devices for connectivity with a computer.
As Ethernet has been the dominant Data Link Layer standard for Local Area Networks for some time, Ethernet Network Interface Cards have been produced in their millions to allow computers the connectivity through hubs, switches and routers with other computers. These network cards cost as little as a few pounds or dollars and allow computers to communicate across an internetwork and be identified by means of a unique physical address known as a MAC Address. A MAC Address is a 48 bit binary number, normally seen written in hexadecimal, and each Network Interface Card comes with a unique MAC Address.
Most people refer to such a network device as a NIC, Ethernet Card or Network Adapter and they will have an RJ45 female connector, into which a male connector on an Ethernet Patch Cable is connected. The patch cable has 4 pairs of copper wires, only 2 of which are used for normal Ethernet operation at 10 or 100 Mbps. Gigabit Ethernet uses all 4 pairs to achieve the higher data rate.
Any Network Adapter will require drivers, which are applications used by the computers to communicate with, and control the actions of the Adapter. Most modern computers will automatically detect a new device and apply the correct drivers, or prompt for the location of the drivers which may be on a disk supplied with the card in the case of a PCI Network Card.
When connecting a computer to a wireless network, a wireless network card will be required which will normally be a PCI card or more commonly now, a USB (Universal Serial Bus) adapter. The Wireless PCI card or USB wireless adapter will have an aerial or antenna designed to operate over the frequency range of the desired wireless network which will normally be the 2.4Ghz band for the ieee 802.11b and 802.11g standards and the 5Ghz band for the ieee 802.11a wireless standard. Although all wireless network interface cards must have an antenna, and normally do have a built in antenna, there are some models that allow the connection of an external antenna should a more appropriate antenna be required. This may be the case in certain circumstances where the internal antenna is not of sufficient quality or does not have the required gain to reproduce a good quality signal for demodulation and decoding.
Wireless networks are very popular because they do not require any cables to connect to the desired network and also, the USB adapter actually draws its power directly from the computer to which it is attached without the need for a separate connection. It is worth bearing in mind that wireless networks are subject to interference from other wireless networks and also from other devices also authorised to use the same frequency bands.
Although a lot of modern computers actually have the NIC built into the motherboard, there is still a need for network cards that plug into a computer as there are so many computers still functioning on networks that do not have motherboards with that capability.
There are many, many manufacturers of these peripheral devices and it is difficult to recommend one over another, except to say �stick with well known brands�. The easiest way to purchase a cheap network interface card or wireless network adapter is certainly over the Internet from a specialist online retailer.