Black Eyed Peas Monkey Business R And B Music Cd Review

Monkey Business is the latest release from R and B Sensation Black Eyed Peas, and is another great one from this talented musician.

It’s a rare day indeed that I get a CD from an artist that I can truthfully say does not have a bad track in the bunch. I’m more than happy to announce that’s exactly what I must say about this one. There simply is NOT a bad one in the bunch. No fillers here at all, with each song standing tall on it’s own.

This one grabs your attention right from the very first note with Pump It and doesn’t let go until the very last note of the very last song Union, which is another great track by the way.

R and B music fans will recognize some of the well-known guests that have been assembled to play along throughout this collection on several of the tracks. Artists like Sting, Justin Timberlake and James Brown just to name a few.

Overall Monkey Business is another outstanding CD release from the Black Eyed Peas. Quite possibly the groups best to date. Really spectacular from beginning to end. If you’re even mildly into R and B music you’ll enjoy this CD.

While this entire CD is outstanding some of my favorites are track 1 Pump It, track 6 – Like That, and track 10 They Don’t Want Music.

My SmoothLee Bonus Pick, and the one that got Sore […as in “Stuck On REpeat”] is track 8, Feel It. This is a really great track!

Monkey Business Release Notes:

Black Eyed Peas originally released Monkey Business on Jun 07, 2005 on the A&M Records label.

CD Track List Follows:

1. Pump It 2. Don’t Phunk With My Heart 3. My Style – (with Justin Timberlake) 4. Don’t Lie 5. My Humps 6. Like That – (with Q-Tip/Talib Kweli/Cee-Lo/John Legend) 7. Dum Diddly – (with Dante Santiago) 8. Feel It 9. Gone Going 10. They Don’t Want Music – (with James Brown) 11. Disco Club 12. Bebot 13. Ba Bump 14. Audio Delite At Low Fidelity 15. Union – (with Sting)

Black Eyed Peas: Fergie , Apl, Taboo, (vocals). Additional personnel: Dante Santiago, James Brown, John Legend, Justin Timberlake, Sting, Cee-Lo (vocals); Q-Tip, Talib Kweli (rap vocals). Recording information: Glenwood Place, Burbank, CA; Metropolis Studios, London, England; The Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA.

Europe’s Most Interesting Concerts And Music Festivals In 2009

Music is beyond love. No one says yuck to music. It has been there since the world originated. European concerts and music festivals have always been in the air for quite some time. They are simply mind blowing. This immense love for music paved way to the various concerts happening in all parts of Europe. People enjoying their holidays love to be in one of this music live for more leisure and amusement.

As a result, the past and present decades were marked by immense number of music festivals. Now, this is never meant for rich people alone. You can grab the tickets in cheap rates through online. All you have to be aware is of advance booking. An exceptional characteristic of these Holiday carnivals is that the trainers, associates of world celebrated foursomes, time after time take part in the crowds they are preparing.

European concerts have stupendous performances and operas in fabulous settings. Other characteristics include the housing in sumptuousness or four star centrally established hotels. Other than music, the tickets also endow connoisseur banquets in a gregarious, relaxed ambience. There is no need to worry about sightseeing. Plenty of spots are ready to be visited by the people joining the operas.

Music alone will never bore the audience. The musicians change and there are friendly get-togethers with high-status concerts in Europe. The tickets include the opportunity of live music, concerts, training for part-time musicians with associates of principal Czech quartets. Indeed, there are additional buffets and parties to explore the liveliness.
Vienna is spotted as the magnificent musical city. Here too, there is good music concerts accompanied with the Schloss Laudon. You can meet the musicians individually with permission. There is less-priced ticket available here. Viable cuisines for different nationalities are encountered on ease.

It was in 2007, the first European festival took place. For the year of 2009, this event is to be launched in Munich. European music festivals usually are conducted during the summers. They are of course targeted on a unique crowd, the sole musical lovers. The superior occasions are provided for people of all modes. Almost certainly the most well-known music festival of all occasion is Woodstock which is the standard through which the rest are estimated.

United Kingdom music festivals are by and large extra music centered. Glastonbury Festival aims mainly at Guitar Bands as well as Rock n Roll. V Festival at the same time aims on the same mode of music with added stage shows and street party ambiance. The season for UK festival time is mainly during May to June.

United States of America’s Festivals is inclined to be further relied on special contributors for example the Warp Tour. The market for music never fades and instead they bounce back with more energy and liveliness. The reasons might be the busy life and people wish to hang out in musical concerts that are happening all over Europe in which they can perceive their famous stars on real.

Why the Beauty Industry Hates Men (Part IIIA)

The “Secret Life” of Male Skin Care Shoppers Exposed – Part 1 of a Special 2 Part Exposé

A fundamental strength of any successful business is its ability to answer a clear, confident and consistent YES to the following question at all times: Are you easy to do business with?

At first glance (and each subsequent one, too), the question seems either redundant, or absurd. “Of course,” most business leaders would automatically reply to that strange inquiry, “we’re incredibly easy to do business with. How can you ask such a silly question?”

Well, the reason we can ask such a ‘silly question’ is because a staggering number of businesses in the Beauty Industry aren’t easy to do business with. Not if you’re among the millions of men who are in search of Masculine Face Care (or what the effeminate beauty industry refers to as men’s skin care) and a buying experience that is aligned with a man’s basic, masculine nature.

For millions of masculine men across the US and the rest of the word – ‘doing business’ with the Beauty Industry is anything but easy. In fact, the spectrum ranges from humiliating to hellish.

Go Directly to Female-Centric Department Store Beauty Counters: Do Not Pass GO

Just as unlucky Monopoly® players are told to “Go directly to Jail, do not pass GO,” millions of men stuck playing the Beauty Industry’s strange game are given the same ruthless ultimatum: “If you want to take care of your face, minimize or prevent the visible signs of aging, or just keep your skin healthy, clean and safe from the environment, and you want high quality products to do it – then go directly to department store beauty counters designed exclusively for the shopping pleasure of members of the ‘opposite gender’.

And while most men would refuse to subject themselves to a buying experience that is totally against their nature and preference, there are some who secretly obey this order, because they have no other choice. They need to take care of their appearance, not out of vanity, but to gain an extra edge in an ultra-competitive environment – where first impressions based on how he looks could make or break the deal of a lifetime, or hinder his chances of advancing romantically with she who is the one, before she equates a less than perfect first impression with having no chemistry…

These men understand the need to keep the visible signs of aging at bay, to protect their skin from the daily shave, heat, cold, sun, and other environmental hazards, but they want to do it right and so they are selective about what they put on their face. After all – while that first impression may take mere seconds, it could be months, or years before he gets a second chance (if at all), to overcome the initial rejection. Conventional wisdom says that the opportunities that are truly once-in-a-lifetime, that shape the trajectory of our life path rarely come around twice.

Masculine men who want to gain every advantage deserve to have equal access (as their female counterparts) to the latest and best innovations in Masculine Face Care and anti-aging technologies. Having no other options, secretly and shamefully, men slink into department store beauty sections and awkwardly purchase men’s skin care and men’s anti-aging products as quickly as possible – and then leave just as quickly, before they’re spotted by the wife of an acquaintance, or worse, before they’re caught in the tractor beam of ever hovering beauty consultants.

Another example of the blatant disregard for the preference of masculine consumers is the beauty industry’s Free Gift with Purchase incentives that are promoted year-round at department and specialty beauty stores. Let’s not even pretend that the beauty industry invested much effort into incentives that are tailored to men. In fact, except for a few major holidays where some brands might offer men a tee shirt, duffle, or something equally unimaginative, the rest of the year, men who buy the same skin care brands as his female counterpart can either choose the oh-so-pretty make-up bag packed with lipsticks, eye shadows and mascara, or nothing at all.

How is this possible? The answer is simple. The Beauty Industry is well aware that their retail environment is uninviting to masculine men. Men aren’t their bread-n-butter and they don’t have to cater to you, even if you are the intended end-user of their men’s skin care products. Statistically, 70% of all men’s skin care products are purchased by women, so the objective of these incentives are to entice women to buy for you, rather than to build a relationship with you – directly. Think of these female-centric incentives as the Beauty Industry’s way of bribing (or recruiting) the women around you to spend mega bucks on men’s skin care products that they want her to convince (or nag) you into accepting.

Frankly, there are a lot of choice phrases to describe what the Beauty Industry puts masculine men through – ‘easy buying experience’ isn’t one of them.

The Drugstore Experience – Where the Entire Men’s Skin Care Section Fits into a Shoe Box.

Of course, some might argue: Well, what about drugstores? Men can go there and easily get the men’s skin care products they need.

No, they can’t. Drugstores are no more ‘men friendly’ than department stores, but for very different reasons. You see, the Beauty Industry is all about ‘image’ and there is a very definite ‘hierarchy’ between department store and drugstore brands. Department store brands are considered ‘high-end’ (or prestige) products – usually with price tags that match, but not necessarily the substance that gives them merit.

Skin care and anti-aging products sold at drug and mass merchandise stores are typically known in the beauty industry as ‘low-end’ products. While some brands lure the budget shopper with the perception of ‘value’, others are in line with the old adage – ‘sometimes you get what you pay for’. Brands aside, the undeniable reality is that while there are aisles and seemingly endless rows (or shelves) of female centric beauty products in a typical store, the entire men’s skin care section (if one exists at all) could usually fit in a shoe box. Unless of course, you don’t mind using women’s beauty creams, shopping in the women’s beauty section, nor paying good money for skin care products where the needs of masculine users played no part in their inception.

The On-Line Shopping Experience – and the Erosion of the Golden Rule of Retail Marketing: Put the Product in the Customer’s Hands.

There are also those in the Beauty Industry who believe that on-line shopping is the answer to the Beauty Industry’s Billion Dollar ‘Man Problem’. If masculine men have a problem with department store beauty sections and offers to powder their nose at the beauty counters (where there’s never any obligation to buy – just pressure), then they need not come out at all!

Beauty industry advocates believe that men can simply shop for men’s skin care and men’s anti-aging products in the comfort of his home. There’s plenty of privacy (even more so if the package is delivered in a plain brown package), plenty of selection – try an on-line search for men’s skin care and be delighted with literally millions of web results and thousands of brands to sort through – some more prominent than others, and many of which have their own set of hyperbolic claims – something to the effect x number of users noticed x % of improvement in x number of days or weeks, plus the fine print, usually some blurb about a control group and how results may vary.

And then there are the volumes of contradictory reviews – User A loves it, User B hates it, User C can careless and so on. By the way, have you noticed how many of these men’s skin care product reviews are written by the women who bought them for their men? Where are the actual users – the men behind some of these reviews? Oh I forget, they’d probably rather people not know about the beauty regiment their women put them on.

Regardless of the quality and claims of some of the men’s skin care products available on-line and the credibility of the manufacturers, deciding on the right Masculine Face Care product is a personal decision. Like kicking the tires before buying a truck, the masculine buyer has every right to inspect the product in his hands, decide for himself whether the brand message resonates with his sense of masculinity and would enhance his competitive edge before he invests in the product.

On-line shopping is time consuming, confusing and fraught with unsubstantiated claims and unknown suppliers.

See the conclusion to this article in: Why the Beauty Industry Hates Men Part IIIB – The ‘Secret Life’ of Male Skin Care Shoppers Exposed – Part 2 of a Special 2 Part Exposé.


Candace Chen is the world’s foremost authority on the marketing of masculine face care (men’s skincare), with 150+ US & int’l patents issued & pending. She is the founder of the FaceLube Marketing System &, the home of Ultra Masculine Face Care for a Man’s Man (R). FaceLube is ultra high-end masculine men’s anti-aging technology with everything he needs, nothing he doesn’t.

Beauty Tips for Face Glow and get beautiful Skin

Beauty is one of the most predominant factors affecting your personality and confidence. But going to beauty parlors is not the only way of maintaining oneself. There are some effective natural beauty tips that may help you to make your skin happy and healthy.

Read more on Beauty Tips and Natural Face Care and Skin Care Tips

Tips for Face Glow

1.  Eat a healthy diet which should include lot of fruits, vegetables in the form of salads and fresh juices. Use honey instead of sugar for juices.

2.  Avoid eating junk food which is not only bad for your skin but also for  your health. Do not eat fried foods. Avoid Maida and white bread instead take brown bread, whole grains and oat bran. Use brown rice instead of white.

3.  Drink 3-4 glasses of warm water the first thing in the morning which will prevent constipation and therefore will have an effect on your skin or you can  take a glass of warm lemon juice with a tsp of honey.

4.  Wash your face whenever you go out and come back, to remove the dirt accumulated on your skin due to pollution. Also wash it after you wake up and before going to sleep. Instead of using soap frequently, you can use flour of green gram  or besan mixed with a little water to cleanse your face.

5.  Use an umbrella (preferably a colored one), wear sunglasses while going out in the sun. It protects your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

6.  Have bath twice a day to keep your skin clean. It also helps to keep yourself cool.

7.  Powder of orange peels (available in the market) mixed with rose water can be used to exfoliate your skin.

8.  Steam your face once in a week to remove dirt from your face. You can add a few drops of eucalyptus oil or neem leaves to the water. After steaming, splash cold water on your face and pat dry. This is an effective remedy for blackheads also.

9.  Steaming with juice of one lemon added to the water is also effective for blackheads and whiteheads. Take a little egg white (beat it well) and mix it with a little honey and apply it on the face and wash it off with warm water after 15 minutes. This cures blackheads.

10.  Mixture of rose water, sandalwood paste and fuller’s earth ( a form of clay)  can be used as a face pack for oily skin. Rose water cleanses and tones the skin. Sandalwood paste has cooling properties and fuller’s earth removes the dirt and excess oil from the skin.

11.  Mashed papaya applied on the face clears marks on your skin and the skin will look bright.

12.  Avoid taking tea or coffee, instead replace it with green tea or buttermilk.

13.  Keep your hair clean from dandruff. If you have dandruff then you will get pimples.

14.  Use water based cosmetics for oily skin.

15.  Carrots, oranges, beetroots does wonders to your skin.

Foods for That Make Your Skin Glow Skin

Eat foods that have skin hydrating, sun-protecting and wrinkle preventing powers. Eat plenty of nutrient rich (especially antioxidant and vitamin C and A rich) vegetables and fruits such as sweet potatoes, tomatoes, cantaloupe, tea – green or black, oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, spinach, turnip greens, broccoli and omega-3 rich foods. These foods will provide you the nutrients needed for your skin to keep it smooth, glowing and wrinkle free.

Benefits of Drinking Water – Face Care Tips and More!

It’s important to mention the benefits of drinking water, when talking about skin care. Water plays a big role in our everyday health. It carries nutrients to every cell in the body! So, how could I talk about skin care, without mentioning the benefits of water? I couldn’t.

Water covers over 70.9% of the Earth’s surface. It’s vital for all forms of life. Water is found in many different places: out of the tap, in bottles, wells, springs, etc�Ц It’s found in foods: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc… The human body consists of water, varying, according to age and condition.

BODY WATER CONTENT: Babies: 78%, Adult Men: 60%, Adult Women: 55%

The amount of water in the human body decreases from birth to older age. The most decrease occurs within the first ten years of life. The percentages mentioned above are only ranges. There is no statistical number, exactly, the same for all people. It, also, depends on the condition of the person. For example, obesity can decrease the amount of water in the body, to as low as 45%.

It’s important to provide the body with the adequate amount of water. Notice, I said “adequate”. It can be harmful and dangerous to drink too much water or not enough water. Drinking too much water can burden your circulatory system, cause stress upon your heart and / or kidneys, cause inter-cranial pressure, cause Hyponatremia, a condition having too little sodium in the blood. Drinking too much water can cause a mild headache to impaired breathing and even death. Not drinking enough water leads to dehydration affecting vital organs of the body, such as the kidneys and the lungs. Dehydration can, also, affect the condition of skin.

Skin is the largest organ of the body. It’s comprised of cells containing water. If your skin does not receive the proper amount of water, it can become tight, dry flaky skin, less resilient, prone to wrinkling, develop acne and more. Water replenishes skin tissue, moisturizes, increases skin elasticity, flushes out toxins, improves blood circulation, increases energy and helps to provide a more youthful, radiant, complexion.

Discover face care tips! Water is beneficial for acne relief. Warm water reduces the size of pores, helping to get rid of blackheads. Drinking water can flush out toxins that build up in the body causing acne breakouts. Acne may seem to be worsening when drinking more water because toxins are being flushed out of the skin. Don’t worry, this enhanced acne condition is only temporary. You are fighting acne and improving your, overall, skin condition. Acne breakouts will be less likely to occur since toxins have been purged from the skin. Also, consider adding a slice of lemon to your drinking water. It’s a natural, stimulating, acne-fighting, drink!

It’s important to drink the proper amounts of water and maintain a regiment. The Mayo Clinic suggest the “8 x 8” rule of drinking eight glasses of water, 8 ounces each, everyday. It’s not only important to drink the proper amount of water but to keep water in those skin cells! Maintaining, a water drinking regiment, everyday, will provide for optimum, healthier, skin.

There are many kinds of water: filtered, pure, spring, well, mineral, sparkling, artesian, etc�Ц Decide which is best for you! You can have beautiful skin with the benefits of drinking water! So, follow your sense of thirst and grab a glass of water! Discover the numerous health benefits of drinking water, today!

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