Making A Living On Your Music

So you�re sitting in your cubicle on Monday morning, reliving what feels like the movie Office Space for the 500th day in a row, and wondering When can I quit this day job and start making a living off my music? The answer might be closer than you think, and while it�s certainly no small task, people around the world are finding a way through determination and perseverance in their daily routine. Contrary to popular belief, you don�t have to be Mick Jagger or Gene Simmons to earn a paycheck in the music world.

Once your musical catalog and chops are built up enough, there are plenty of different methods and sources to find income. Add together record sales, digital sales, tickets, performance fees, royalties, and merchandise, and you could be assembling a decent size payday for yourself. Even better, the current internet and technology driven world makes it easier than ever to promote music at minimal costs. Social networking sites are all free to use, and website hosting has become incredibly cheap due to the influx of free internet sites.

Of course, as an artist, it will take some money to make money, but this isn�t really exclusive to just the music industry. Nearly every profession requires startup capital to generate profit, but this doesn�t mean you have to be rich just to get started. The initial focus should always be on the quality of your music, rather than how much money you�ve spent on promoting yourself.

Finding a path to musical success also takes a certain level of confidence and inspiration, while not allowing criticism or potential failures to deter your ultimate goal. If you want to become a professional musician, it must become your sole and most important focus, as it is your identity and what you truly want to spend your life on. Half-hearted convictions and part time work usually isn�t going to get the job done, and with all the potential competition out there, only the strongest will reach the top.

So what will you spend all of your new found time on after becoming a professional musician? Spend your days writing new material, promoting your creations online, making new contacts, and staying well versed and informed on the latest in contemporary music. Be aware of your competition, and continue to produce high quality songs which people fall in love with, and feel compelled to purchase. Remember, if becoming a full time musician is your goal, it must become natural to who you are and what you do. Building a musical career isn�t easy, but it certainly isn�t impossible.