Tips For Writing Effective Music Blogs On Myspace

You don’t have to be a great writer to create a memorable music-related blog on MySpace. All you need are a few good band stories, gig stories, or an observational take on the music industry to start a blog. Once fans and others begin reading it, they will want to know more about your music and where you will be playing next. This is how to drive more traffic to your profile page.

The following tips can help you in writing a blog that is informative, opinionated, and entertaining. While you want to promote your sound, blogs should contain other info fans find funny and interesting. If you can build a relationship with fans, they will automatically visit your profile page and download music, check out band photos, and plan on attending your next gig.

Tip #1: Keep Your Blog Simple and Fun

Blogs are meant to be small glimpses into your life as a musician, your opinions about the industry, and a way to generate interest of fans and hopefully record labels. Bog your blog down with technical info, boring stories, and too many commercial plugs, and you will lose people very quickly.

When creating posts, try to write in a conversational tone (pretend you are talking with band mates or fans at a music event).

Tell funny stories about how you are struggling to make it in the music business, celebrity sightings, advice people have given you, and about current music trends. This will entice readers to come back, especially if you take on a witty, light tone.

Give fans an insight into your musical life. Tell them about your aspirations, what you are doing to reach your goals, and pitfalls along the way.

Tip #2: Update Blog Posts Daily

This is the best way to keep fans wanting more. If you only post once or twice a month, fans will lose interest and you will have fewer chances of getting others to hear your music. If you don’t want to post large blogs once a day, post a few small ones during the day.

Tip#3: Mention the Music, Not Your Profile Page

Fans can access your profile page at any time, they don’t need to be constantly reminded to do so. Blog about your music, what you have recorded recently, and where you are taking your sound. Fans want to be in on the evolution of your career. Blatantly selling yourself through your blog is not interesting to read and not that much fun to write. Use your blog to express yourself and your music.

Tip#4: Don’t Limit Yourself

You don’t have to limit yourself to just music. If you hold a day job, tell people about it! While you don’t have to go into specifics about where you work, you can tell fans what it is like to juggle a job and your music goals, how you manage to do both, and the great stories you have about work and music colliding.

A music blog on MySpace is one of the best ways to connect with fans. As long as you post regularly, update your profile page accordingly, and give fans a glimpse into your world, you will drive traffic to your site and get noticed by other musicians, record labels, and new fans.

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