Wedding Music Tips, Why Your Wedding Day Music Is So Important

Many couple like to enjoy music at their wedding; the music can be played throughout the ceremony as well as the reception so you have to think about that as well. Many couples play the traditional “here comes the bride” on the organs or the piano at the ceremony as the bride is walking down the aisle with the man that is going to give her away which is usually the bride’s father but any important male in her life can be nominated as the person who gives her away! Music can be traditional, jazzy, and funky or indeed anything you want it to be.

During the ceremony wedding music is allowed to be played but only at the start you need silence for the exchange of the vows and making the marriage legal, after the ceremony when you are leaving the church or garden or office, in fact anywhere that you have been married, many newly weds play a lively happy song to guide them out of their venue and on to their wedding reception.

At the wedding reception entertainment and music is a must, whether this comes in the form of a DJ, live band or even a comedian there should be great music and good food, with lots of people dancing. It is traditional for the newly weds to have their first dance as a newly married couple before any one else has a dance on the floor, this is where you usually pick a favourite meaningful song that has a lot of significance to you and your partner as it serves as a memory reminder, whenever you hear that song from now on your mind will flash back to your first wedding dance with each other and your first day as a married couple.

Wedding music is important, it helps people to be happy. Music is an aphrodisiac and makes people feel good. And to be honest it will bring lots of laughs and happy memories as when the guests and family start to have their drinks their dancing becomes more frequent and enjoyable. A wedding brings families of the bride and groom closer so they could even dance together to help it along, making sure that everyone has a great time and a good dance is imperative to your wedding. Not only your guests of course, you and your new husband or wife got to be sure they are having the best day of their life!

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